Fine-art photography, specializing in dramatic, low-key portraiture.
Announcements and News
2/22/2022: The first shoot of 2022 has happened and images are starting to show up. Check out Paige's collection to see what's new!

1/16/2022: Welcome to 2022! I finished 2021 with a bang and I'm looking forward to what comes this year. My hope is to be able to remain as active as I have been with new posts every few days and shoots at least every couple of months. Your support of my Patreon will help me put time aside for this considerably. 

12/14/2021: Site Update! Model collection pages have been added to feature the model's work together in one place.

Patreon of Alluring Allusions is now open! Please consider supporting my art and the modeling community by getting access to full sets from our shoots. Thank you

Welcome to the galleries of Alluring Allusions Photography! Enjoy your visit.
Some of the images inside do contain nudity.