Once a raven-haired assassin named Onisha, she committed suicide. Her friends, using power from Asmodeus, resurrected her into a new body. Now, as Wyn, she serves as a priestess to Asmodeus, a god-like Archdevil and ruler of the Hells. Wyn is pretty with very long blonde hair and is extremely confident and arrogant. Below are good examples of both Onisha and Wyn.
Once a high priest of Bane, the evil god of tyranny and fear, he was converted to Asmodeus' church by Wyn. Nearly ten years of youth returned to him through his conversion. He is a confident, yet paranoid man appearing in his late thirties with a clean face and short neat hair. Think of a young Maximus from the movie Gladiator, or see below.
Zodika is average height and weight, strong but not really muscular, and in her thirties. She's my main character that I've played for nearly ten years. She's a high priestess of Loviatar, the goddess of pain and torture, is Governess of her own castle, and rides a red dragon. Zodika and Ranan are the ones who resurrected Wyn. She has an incredibly detailed backstory along with very specific and defined features. Zodika is beautiful with dark eye makeup and glossy (pink or red) lips. Other notable features include: sharp, inch-long metal fingernails; a flawless, nearly unnaturally so, complexion; brown eyes; long black hair; a black choker with a solid disk hanging from it, pierced ears; and a bracelet of jewels with a red dragon wrapped around it. She has corset piercings down both her sides and her back, and her upper body is free from all other scarring. She dresses extremely well, appearing more like a noble than an adventurer. She has a calm, confident and calculating expression. Coincidentally, she looks nearly exactly like Yennifer, despite me having not known of the Witcher when I created her.

It's very likely I'll be finding someone specifically for this project, however, I put her up here in case you really think you can pull it off, or if you know somebody that could. I'll be paying well for whoever commits to this shoot, but my expectations are high and it will take time to find the right things or have things made.
She's one of my characters. I developed a long backstory for her, but I never played her. She's a priestess/blackguard of Cyric, an insane god of lies and murder. She's in her twenties, is petite but strong, and has long black hair and blue eyes.
Another of my characters, Shaestra is a vampire and follower of Kanchelsis, god of Blood, Debauchery, Magic, Seduction, and Vampirism. Shaestra appears about thiry years old. She carries her lean, athletic build proudly. Her moderate bust provides a contrast to her flat stomach and her sculpted hips and butt flow into strong, well-defined legs. Her raven black hair falls well past her shoulders and frames a calm, calculating face. She often wears dark makeup around intriguing lavender eyes. Her eyes almost seem to have a faint light of their own and hold a cool, seducing gaze that some may find difficult to look away from. Her lips are quick to return one’s smile with a smirk and small incline of her head. Her skin appears pale and free from any defects or scars.
Decimus is a character I currently play. He's a cleric / sorcerer and follows Tymora, goddess of luck. He's a strongly-built male of average height. He keeps a well-trimmed beard and has short brown hair. He dresses well and is an advisor to a Governess.
Lavina is a Favored Soul / Sorcerer of Auril, and she fears the evil, bitter-tempered goddess as much as she reveres her. Lavina has a thin build with long slender legs. Her face is enthrallingly beautiful and carries with it enticing lips usually covered in glossy colors. Her very light, porcelain skin is flawless of any scars or markings. Straight, platinum blonde hair falls just past her shoulder blades. Her ears are pierced with studs holding small white gems, and her eyes sparkle out like ice-blue sapphires behind long dark eyelashes.
At 5' 10", Fiona is well-muscled; while not outright being manish, the muscles on her frame diminish her feminine form. Her athleticism leaves her with a remarkably flat chest. Save for the scars, Fiona is pretty enough in the face, and has a mop of red hair that draws attention to itself. She's a nearly unmatched swordsman.
At about 5ft tall, Dusk is slim, with finely toned muscles: about 96 lbs. She has dusky skin and brown hair & eyes. She is usually seen in fine clothes and has a meticulously well kept appearance. Dusk is a master assassin and uses daggers.
Alaethyl is a wizardess with brown hair, green eyes and spectacles. She always has a tome with her and she's well dressed.
Kherei is a merchant of Waukeen, the goddess of trade and merchants. She stands at 5' 3", is lean and fit, and walks gracefully. She has light brown/dirty blonde hair and aqua-blue eyes which carry a keen intelligence. Kherei's expression and is generally pleasant and, overall, she has a friendly demeanor. On the underside of each wrist, which is very easy to see when she's appraising and dealing with gold, is a tattoo of Waukeen's holy symbol in the form of a gold coin bearing a female face. While not dressed in dark leathers for adventuring, she wears fine clothing and jewelry.
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