DeviantArt is where I keep a number of galleries of images that I use for inspiration. Click the picture above to go to my favorites there. I believe the site may want an account to view 'mature' images (nudity), but depending on the theme we're discussing, that may not matter. My Favorites section is divided into a number of categories. The collections are described below. These will generally be how shoots are themed.

The 'Featured' collection is just images I like. Some may be inspiring, but there isn't much intent behind them.

The 'Narrative' collections are images that tend to be conceptually themed. I feel as though there is some sort of story or idea in them. These are what I'm hoping our narrative-themed images will feel like. Some of these shoots may require compositing various pieces.

The 'Ideas' collection is images that have less of a story and are more for inspiration. They tend to be neat ideas that can be put towards any number of themes.

The 'Texture and Pattern' collection is focused on, as you guessed, textures and patterns and is a bit more fashion. These images would probably come as a secondary idea for a story-themed shoot, but could also be a primary idea for a short shoot.

The last collection is of faces and is also a secondary idea. These are close up photos with the eye(s) as the focus.
Series and Collections
Narrative themes are going to, generally, be the focus of a shoot; though, not all my series will fall into a narrative theme. Below are are list of various series and collections I'd like to create images for. Many of them use fantasy for inspiration, but that doesn't necessarily require the shoot to actually have cosplay or fantasy props - though some will.
Forgotten Realms Pantheon - Deity and Servant Collection
The Forgotten Realms is a setting within Dungeons & Dragons. It features dozens and dozens of gods from every aspect of life: from love & beauty to pain & torture, and from to forests & nature to merchants & bankers. This series will focus on creating images that depict either the gods themselves (more difficult) or devout followers of these gods (easier).
Here is a link to a page where you can read about the gods:

Specific Character Inspiration Collection
For about 15 years, I've played on a Forgotten Realms RP server. These are a few characters from this world. You can read about them here.

Seven Virtues Series
As it says, I'd like to shoot one project for each: chastity, temperance, charity, diligence, patience, kindness, and humility.

Seven Cardinal Sins Series

One project each: lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, pride.

Ten Commandment Violation Series
A list of projects depicting violations of the ten commandments. 

Athlete Series
Athletes modeling nude/implied with the gear from their sport.

Specific Location Collection
These images will all be shot in the exact same place, like the same large, fancy chair. I just need to find something to use.

Sharp Shape Collection
Images that are focused on something that is highly patterned or textured.

Eye Focus Collection
Images where a single eye is the focus.

Industrial or Heavy Duty Objects Series
Nude or Implied shot with heavy objects, like huge rope, chains, tires, sledge hammers, etc. Probably shot easiest along with an athletic shoot.
Modeling Resources
Stock Photo Modeling Poses
This DeviantArt page shows hundreds of shoots for referencing poses:

Clothing Sites
Umbra Sports is one of the places I've used to find active wear:
Yandy is a massive site that's quite affordable for everything from lingerie to costumes to swimwear to shoes:
Fredericks is another reasonably prices site for lingerie and swimwear:
This etsy shop isn't always cheap, but it has some very unique goth-style clothing and lingerie:
Dresslilly is full of interesting stuff, from dresses to swimwear, including things for men:
Nobull isn't cheap but they have very solid athletic gear, including tons of awesome shoes:
I've never bought anything from Venus, but I look through their things all the time for styling ideas:

Peter Hurley talking about jawlines. Definitely important information for those who take portraits:
Another Peter Hurley talking about eyes:
Blush with me-Parmita - A Youtube page of an ex-model and photographer. She has a ton of videos to benefit models.


Joe Edelman goes pretty in depth about building a modeling portfolio:
* More as I come across it! *
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