Along with Instagram, DeviantArt is probably the most active place I post. I also keep a number of galleries of images that I use for inspiration. Click the picture above to go to my favorites there. I believe the site may want an account to view 'mature' images (nudity), but depending on the theme we're discussing, that may not matter. My Favorites section is divided into a number of categories. 
Main Themes
Main themes will tend to be the focus of the shoot. We may not shoot them first as some hair and makeup is better done at the end, but most of the planning will revolve around the main theme. Secondary themes will fill our time around the main theme and are generally less involved. Some shorter shoots may only be a few secondary themes or only a main theme. Generally, I like to come out of a shoot with 4 or 5 different themes, which gives me a variety of different things to post and composite with.
Fantasy Inspired Characters
I love fantasy, specifically Dungeons and Dragons and the Forgotten Realms setting. I also enjoy Viking and Pirate themes.

Creating narrative themes surrounding a cleric, wizard, thief, etc would be fantastic. If you share a love for high fantasy and want to come up with something with me, let me know! 
Viking makeup and hair are awesome and if you think you have the means to braid and do makeup to fit a Viking theme I'd love to do that too. I can also french and dutch braid (I have daughters) if you're okay with me giving it a try. 
I've done one pirate shoot, but I do love me some pirates so I'd be happy to tackle this idea again. 

Athletes & Hobbies
Modeling implied or nude with the gear from their sport or hobbies.

Are you an athlete? Do you have a favorite sport or hobby? I'd like to do nude or implied shoots with sports equipment: sports balls, ice skates, skateboard, instruments, photographers with their cameras, golf clubs, yoga, etc. I'd love to do one with someone who paints!

Wet, Rain, Falling Water
Swimsuit, implied, or nude

It's been a while since I did anything with water and I'd like to do something with wet hair and skin. It could be as simple as getting wet, or as complicated as setting up a shower to shoot the water falling. Shooting down through a shower with a constant light would be very neat. 

Nature Setting
Implied or nude

I very rarely shoot outdoors, but I'd enjoy doing a shoot around plants, flowers, long grass, etc. with a focus on blurring the foreground and background and popping the model out in the middle. 

Playground Setting
Clothed (or with peeks of nudity for those comfortable)

I want to do a perspective shoot with a wide-angle lens on a playground: swinging, climbing, hanging, etc.

Sugar Skull Makeup
Clothed, implied, anything

I have no idea how to go about doing this makeup so if you're interested we'll probably need to find someone capable! But I love the look of these and I'd definitely be interested in trying to figure it out.
Secondary Themes
This is pretty open in terms of types of lingerie. Most models have numerous sorts and filling time going through some different selections is fairly straightforward. 

Hats are very fun, especially if they have interesting textures or are woven and light passes through. If you have a neat hat, lemme know.

Eye Focus
Images where a single eye is the focus. I've wanted to shoot through broken glass, or with a strip of light across your face. 

Industrial or Heavy Duty Objects Series
Heavy objects, like huge rope, chains, tires, sledge hammers, etc. Probably shot easiest along with an athletic shoot.

Shooting with balloons would be fun and there's a lot of potential for interesting perspective shots, like shooting down at the model through the balloons or shooting upwards. 

Pool Toys
Pool toys certainly draw attention and would make for a lot of creativity. I'd like to shoot with a big, round, transparent, donut floaty or pool noodles.  

* More as I come across it! *
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